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Section 1.0 - SCOPE OF WORK:

1.1 All coloured and textured work shall be performed with special molded tools manufactured by Patterned Concrete® Industries Ltd to resemble the chosen pattern indicated in the specifications.
1.2 The contractor shall follow all plans and specifications and provide a price for labour, preparation of sub grade, materials including concrete, colour, imprinting tools, release agents and sealers.
1.3 All materials to be used in this scope of work shall be outlined on a formal Tech-Data sheet for future information to reference colour and pattern.
1.4 The contractor must be licensed by PATTERNED CONCRETE® INDUSTRIES (Ontario Agent - PATTERNED CONCRETE® ONTARIO INC., 249 Supertest Road, North York, Ontario M3J 2M4 - Contact: Mr. Joseph Guida at (416) 661-3007).
1.5 Samples shall be provided for approval to the owner along with references of past installations which are comparable to the project in terms of size, scope of work and complexity.

Section 2.0 - GUARANTEE:

2.1 The contractor is to provide a 1 year warranty, for the work being performed from acceptance of the installation for spalling, scaling, and colour delamination. Sealer breakdown is not covered under this warranty. This warranty applies to the concrete colouring and concrete itself not material applied on top.

Section 3.0 - SUB GRADE:

3.1 All granular material exceeding the initial 12" must consist of granular "B" material with proper gradation to meet on site specifications.
3.2 All material must be compacted in lifts not exceeding 6" with a proper vibratory compactor and must meet 98% proctor density per lift as per ASTM standards.
3.3 All fill material from finish grade up to 12" must be 3/4" crusher run or granular "A" material and is to be installed in maximum lifts of 6" compacted at 98% proctor density as per ASTM standards.

Section 4. 0 - CONCRETE:

4.1 Concrete used must be designed to have a minimum strength of 32mpa and shall comply with 32mpa C-2 exposure classifications.
4.2 Concrete coarse aggregate shall consist of a blend of 10mm aggregate and 20mm aggregate as per PATTERNED CONCRETE®'s design mix.
4.3 All mixing water shall be fresh, clean and potable.
4.4 Air entrainment agents are to be used although percentages shall not exceed 10% nor be less than 6%. Concrete must be tested by the contractor or a qualified testing company for air content in order to adjust or reject any concrete prior to pouring.  One slump air must be taken on concrete placement less then 30 cubic meters or every 30 cubic meters from there on in.
4.5 Concrete slump shall not exceed 100mm. High range water reducers shall not be permitted.
4.6 Bleed water shall not be permitted on freshly struck concrete due to over slump concrete or improper gradation of concrete mix design.
4.7 Concrete shall not be placed if concrete temperatures exceed 30°C without the inclusion of minimum 1 hour set retarder.  Concrete contractor shall conform to hot weather concrete and shall be paid to meet requirements.
4.8 No poly shall be used as a vapor barrier on the underside of the slab nor should any plastic be placed on freshly struck concrete.
4.9 Concrete thickness shall be a minimum of 100 mm (4") on sidewalks and a minimum of 130 mm (5") on driving areas (max of 150 mm) or as specified by engineer.

Section 5.0 - REINFORCEMENT:

5.1 All concrete shall be designed to include 10 mm rebar at spacing no greater then 600 mm (24") o/c, unless otherwise by the designer or consultant

Section 6.0 - COLOUR HARDENER:

6.1 The ready to use dry shake colour hardeners shall be streak free.  Manufactured by Concreation Canada Inc.
6.2 Colour Hardener shall be applied at a minimum rate of 3 kg/ 1 S.M. 60lbs/100sq.ft.).  All colour hardener applications shall consists of two shakes at which the first application shall be equivalent to 2/3 the amount required.

6.3 Colour hardener shall not be applied to concrete when bleed water is present.  Once the water has dissipated the hardener should be worked into the fresh concrete using natural moisture from the concrete substrate by means of a wood resin or magnesium bull float tool.

6.4 Application of moisture shall only be permitted by use of proper fogging apparatus as per ACI standards.  Con-film or Patterned Concrete® surface retarder shall be applied.  Fogging should only be applied so no sitting water is created during fogging process.

6.5 Concrete contractor must have minimum 10 years experience in applying and finishing colour hardeners on exterior concrete finishes.

6.6 Only after the first shake of colour hardener has been bull floated into the concrete surface, shall the final 1/3 of colour application be applied onto the concrete surface.

6.7 At the point where the final bull floating has been performed and no bleed water is present shall the final troweling process be performed to prepare for stamping tools.

Section 7.0 - RELEASE AGENT:

7.1 All release agents shall be in powder form, precoloured and manufactured by Concreation Canada Inc..

7.2 Once final troweling has been performed a light dusting powder release shall be applied to the fresh concrete surface.  At this point there shall be no further finishing or troweling of the concrete surface.
7.3 Contractor must have experience with powdered coloured release agents.


8.1 The use of expansion joint foam shall be used when new concrete is to be poured against existing concrete surfaces.

8.2 Cut all imprinted concrete on a grid pattern at no more than 3 m on/c (10' o/c).  Saw cut shall follow imprinted pattern line closet to each existing curb cut and shall be a minimum of 1/3 the depth of concrete.

8.3 The use of proper Saw equipment shall be employed so as to not promote "chipping" or "raveling" of cut joints.  With Larger Areas, such as driveways, the use of "Soft cut" equipment method shall be employed to allow saw cutting within 12 hours of pouring.

Section 9.0 - SEALER:

9.1 Curing and sealing of Pattern Concrete® surface shall meet ACI standards.

9.2 Prior to sealing of concrete proper removal of release agent shall be performed by means of broom and power washing and buffing of concrete surface.

9.3 Once final washing is performed and sitting water has dissipated the application of a penetrating cure and seal is to be applied.

9.4 Patterned Concrete® will include a non slip additive.

9.5 Solvent or water based sealer to used. NO WARRANTY ON LIFE SPAN OF SEALER.

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NOTE: These are minimum requirements for PATTERNED CONCRETE®.

PATTERNED CONCRETE® NIAGARA supplies materials meeting or exceeding these requirements.

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