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Concrete comes in all forms and finishes.


Get what you want to beautify your home and enhance the look of the concrete you might be considering for your project.

There are no limits to the imagination so consider all options and feel free to combine finishes to get that look you are after.

Patterned Concrete® Niagara has been serving the Niagara Region since 1990.  The bulk of the work completed has been within the residential market.  This market requires attention to customers demands, knowledge and concerns.

We have developed into a company that spends time explaining what the product is and how it can improve the quality, value and appearance of residential properties.  We follow strict guidelines installing our products as you can see from our specifications page.  We take great care and time to explain the process of installing Patterned Concrete®, from the initial quote to finishing the product installation.  Below you can see what to expect when requesting Patterned Concrete® to complete your concrete project.

  1. We receive contact (phone or email). Based on information supplied, supply a quick quote by phone or email.  If a more accurate quote requested then set up an appointment to meet on site when it is convenient for client.

  2. Complete an estimate along with rough drawing.  Deliver & inform client of product info, stamp options, colour options and supply list of previous projects in their area.  Supply pictures of previous completed projects.

  3. If quote is accepted, set up a follow up appointment to review drawing (layout), pick colours and stamps, product choice and combination if desired.

  4. Sign off finish drawing & contract once all conditions are agreed upon (Deposit Required).

  5. Schedule project and inform client of possible start date (this may vary depending upon uncontrollable weather conditions).

  6. As project approaches commencement (average 2-3 weeks prior) call in locates for buried local utilities.

  7. Receive locates and inform and confirm client about accurate start date if possible.

  8. Begin and complete hard material removal (if necessary), then complete digging. forming and base installation with reinforcement (Partial Payment Required).

  9. Installation of product - concrete, colours and stamps.

  10. Power wash, clean, buff, detail and do final touch ups of the stamping process.

  11. Apply sealer and anti-slip agent to finish project (Final Payment Required)

  12. Client is responsible for all landscaping after project completed.  Patterned Concrete® Niagara will limit damage to grass and gardens but some may occur with project installation.

At anytime during the process, please feel free to speak to the crew or contact us be phone or email if you have any questions and concerns regarding the installation and we will gladly address them.

Below see what look might work with your project



It's what we're known for and what we specialize in.  Bring that natural stone look to your project.  We have several patterns to choose from and a large selections of colours to bring your project to life.  Feel free to browse our selections of patterns and colours options on our Pattern page




Exposed Aggregate displays the natural beauty in it's natural colours and finish. We install it by itself and along with Patterned Concrete® and natural stones to give the project an even more complex and appealing look.

Add GLOW STONES to your Exposed Aggregate Project.







Patterned Concrete® Niagara continues to supply traditional concrete techniques and we are continually developing new ideas and concepts of own, giving clients even more ideas and concepts to choose from. 











Concrete needs to be protected which will result in extending the life of the product. The Canadian climate and other contributing factors can slowly damage the surface of the concrete and with proper maintenance you can combat these affects.

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With over 45 years of on-going research and development, our experience and workmanship strengthen the ability to maintain the quality and control of our service and products. 


7089 Reixinger Rd. Niagara Falls ON L2G 0S3


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