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Driveways are one of the more popular projects for Patterned Concrete®.  You can use anyone of the stamps available and it allows for some creative thinking being that you can combine different stamps, applications, borders and colours to give you a very unique project.


Walkways have become one of our more popular projects along with driveways. We usually install along with the driveway so that it all matches or on their own if preferred. We design and Install Patterned Concrete® to look as if real stone or brick pavers have been laid down.  Patterned Concrete® allows for creative designing and can accent a professional landscaped residence.


Patios can vary extensively depending on the layout and landscaping of the property.  Patterned Concrete® is a great tool to incorporate into your next landscaping project.  Because of the flexibility of concrete forming it allows for unlimited design and layout.


A Pool Deck is a perfect Patterned Concrete® project. No more worries with regards to interlock moving and lifting from excess water.  We can tie into your pool Deck-Drain-Away or install to improve drainage.  Patterned Concrete® can give your deck the look of a natural pond or your favorite swimming hole. Or look like a wooden deck with our Board Pattern.  The choice is yours.


A concrete porch & steps can be recapped or poured new with Patterned Concrete®.  The advantages of recapping is there is no need to remove older concrete already in place and the recap is anchored to the old concrete giving it stability and strength.  Recapping will only be performed when the existing concrete is in good shape structurally.  Old concrete that has severely cracked and/or shifted cannot be capped.  the base will affect what is applied on top. Conditions can be evaluated.

Add GLOW STONES to your Exposed Aggregate Project.



Exposed Aggregate displays the natural beauty of the stone aggregate in its natural colours and finish.  We have installed it on its own and along with Patterned Concrete® and natural stones to give the project an even more complex and appealing look.

Add Glow Stones to accent the project or as a safety component.  Line the edge of a patio or step so that it will be visible at night when light is absent.



Add a nice addition to your Patterned Concrete® project.  We can add several different options to enhance the look of the project.  From Borders/Bandings or a Retaining Wall in the same pattern & colour.  We also offer Parging services.  Can also produce Customized Stones & Garden Plates to match.



We have been involved with numerous projects in the Niagara Region requiring attention to detail, quality and workmanship.  When completing major commercial projects it takes a great deal of communication between trades, contractors & architects.  We have taken on some extensive and difficult projects requiring the appropriate skills, experience and following rigid specifications to complete on time with attention to detail and quality.

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With over 45 years of on-going research and development, our experience and workmanship strengthen the ability to maintain the quality and control of our service and products. 


7089 Reixinger Rd. Niagara Falls ON L2G 0S3


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