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For over 45 years, PATTERNED CONCRETE® has dominated the field of architectural concrete finishes.  Since it's establishment in 1972, PATTERNED CONCRETE® INDUSTRIES INC., based originally in Tulsa Oklahoma, has created a worldwide organization of professionally trained and licensed contractors.  These highly skilled licensees have shared their knowledge and experience to assist each other in engineering only the highest quality architectural concrete finishes.

PATTERNED CONCRETE® pours, colours and imprints concrete to rigid specifications under strict quality control.  This dedication to quality has enabled PATTERNED CONCRETE® licensees worldwide to excel in the architectural concrete industry winning awards of excellence for both commercial and residential projects.  Ongoing research and development in this field is what helps keep PATTERNED CONCRETE® a worldwide leader.

As a professionally trained PATTERNED CONCRETE® licensee, PATTERNED CONCRETE® NIAGARA is very proud to have been providing excellence in the field of architectural concrete finishes since 1990 in the Niagara Region.  With the cooperation of PATTERNED CONCRETE® INDUSTRIES INC., its licensees and all approved suppliers, PATTERNED CONCRETE® NIAGARA has carefully assessed all materials and procedures utilized thereby successfully fine tuning the product to withstand the harsh Canadian climate.  PATTERNED CONCRETE® NIAGARA has earned a reputation in the industry for producing some of the most fascinating PATTERNED CONCRETE® installations.

PATTERNED CONCRETE® NIAGARA looks forward to continuing its renowned reputation and success in the field of architectural concrete finishes for many years to come.

If you would like to reach us just go to our Contact Page and send us your information.

If you would like to see some of our work just go to our Contact Page and request a Reference list of projects in your area where have installed PATTERNED CONCRETE® or other applications.

Important: Remember these are people's home so we ask that you respect their privacy when viewing and we don not advocate contacting the homeowner, seeing that it might infringe on their privacy. Thank you.

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With over 45 years of on-going research and development, our experience and workmanship strengthen the ability to maintain the quality and control of our service and products. 


7089 Reixinger Rd. Niagara Falls ON L2G 0S3


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