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Patterned Concrete® Niagara offers a superior concrete product for both residential and commercial properties. Our fully licensed team has handled projects ranging from driveways, pool decks, and patios to restaurants, retail stores, and theaters. We are constantly updating our concrete techniques and educating ourselves on the latest tools and materials to bring you only the best product. Following the strictest specifications, Patterned Concrete® Niagara ensures the Niagara Region’s residents of not only uniquely designed concrete projects, but professional craftsmanship that they can trust to last. From the initial pour of your concrete to resealing maintenance, Patterned Concrete® Niagara provides a concrete product that will last.

Positive Points to Concrete

1. Cost effective

2. Durability

3. Beauty and design capabilities

4. Versatility

5. Low maintenance

6. Structural integrity and longevity

7. Cleanliness

8. Patterned Concrete® Niagara will help increase resell value of the property

Adverse Points to Concrete

1. Cracking

2. Shifting

3. Delimitation of surface

It is obvious that the benefits of using concrete clearly outweigh the few adverse effects which are commonly due to poor workmanship and contractor experience.

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