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The closet thing to natural stone, precision engineered Patterned Concrete® products create the most stunning outdoor living spaces the heart could desire.

Founded in 1972 Patterned Concrete® is the original stamped concrete company.  With the distinct advantage of over 45 years of research and development, we can confidently promise service and products second to none.

All of our stamps were produced to mimic mother nature.

A look like nature
Inspired by old city architecture

Using natural stones and old world cut stones our patterns are designed to look and feel as close to the real thing as possible.

Patterned Concrete® Niagara offers a superior concrete product for both residential and commercial properties. Our fully licensed team has handled projects ranging from driveways, pool decks, and patios to restaurants, retail stores, and theaters. We are constantly updating our concrete techniques and educating ourselves on the latest tools and materials to bring you only the best product. Following the strictest specifications, Patterned Concrete® Niagara ensures the Niagara Region’s residents of not only uniquely designed concrete projects, but professional craftsmanship that they can trust to last. From the initial pour of your concrete to resealing maintenance, Patterned Concrete® Niagara provides a concrete product that will last.

Patterned Concrete Niagara



With over 45 years of on-going research and development, our experience and workmanship strengthen the ability to maintain the quality and control of our service and products. 


7089 Reixinger Rd. Niagara Falls ON L2G 0S3


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