Residential Driveways, Patios & More from Patterned Concrete® Niagara

Meeting Your Demands

Patterned Concrete® Niagara has been serving the Niagara Region since 1990. The bulk of the work completed has been within the residential market. This market requires more attention to customer demands, knowledge, and concerns.

We have developed into a company that spends a great deal of time explaining what the product is and how it can improve the quality, value, and appearance of residential properties. We follow strict guidelines, installing our products to our strict specifications. We take the time to explain the process of installing Patterned Concrete®, from the initial quote to finishing the product installation.

Below you can see what to expect when requesting Patterned Concrete® Niagara to complete your concrete project:

1. Patterned Concrete® Niagara receives contact (phone or email) and sets up an appointment convenient for you.

2. We complete an estimate along with a rough drawing, then deliver and inform you of our product info, stamp options and colour options, and list of previous satisfied clients. A list of references can be provided with your quote request.

3. If quote is accepted, we set up an appointment to review the rough drawings along with picking colours and stamps, product choice, and combination if desired.

4. You then sign off on the finished drawing and contract once all your conditions are agreed upon (a deposit is required at this time).

5. We schedule the job and inform you of a possible start date (this may vary depending upon uncontrollable weather conditions).

6. Before any construction of your concrete, we locate buried local utilities near your property.

7. Once we receive the location of utilities, we inform and confirm with you a more accurate start date.

8. Digging begins and is completed, forming and base installation performed (partial payment required at this time).

9. Installation of product - concrete, colours, and stamps.

10. Power wash, buff, detail, and touch ups.

11. Apply sealer and anti-slip agent to finished job (final payment required).

At any time during this process, please feel free to speak to the crew or contact us by phone if you have any concerns and questions about the installation, and we will gladly address them immediately.

Examples of Our Previous Residential Projects

Below you can view some of the projects we have completed. You can see some options available and where Patterned Concrete® can be installed and how it can improve you residence.

Click to view more images. Residential Home


Driveways are one of the more popular projects for Patterned Concrete® Niagara. You can use any one of the stamps available, and it allows for some creative thinking, being that you can combine different stamps, borders, and colours to give you a very unique project.

Click to view more images. Patio


Patios can vary extensively depending on the layout and landscaping of the yard. Patterned Concrete® is a great tool to incorporate into your next landscaping project because of the flexibility of concrete forming which allows for unlimited design.

Click to view more images. Pool

Pool Decks

A pool deck is a perfect Patterned Concrete® Niagara project. No more worry about interlock moving and lifting from the excess water. We can tie into your pool Deck Drain-A-Away®. Patterned Concrete® Niagara can give your deck the look of a natural pond or your favorite swimming hole.

Click to view more images. Steps


Steps are becoming more and more popular. Being able to apply Patterned Concrete® to existing concrete (recap), has allowed us to create very distinctive entryways and sets of stairs. We can match your walkways and parge the face of the steps to simulate real stone.

Click to view more images. Walkway


Walkways have become one of our more popular projects. We design and install Patterned Concrete® to look as if real stone or brick has been laid down. Patterned Concrete® Niagara provides creative designing and can accent a professional landscaped yard.

Click to view more images. Steps

Porch Recap

A concrete porch and steps can be recapped or poured fresh with Patterned Concrete®. The advantages of recapping are very cost effective. There is no need to remove the older concrete already in place and the recap is anchored to the old concrete giving it stability and strength. Recapping will only be performed when the existing concrete is in good shape structurally. Old concrete that has severely cracked and/or shifted cannot be recapped. The base will affect what is applied on top. Conditions can be evaluated upon onsite inspection.

Click to view more images. Driveway

Borders, Banding, Soldier Coarse

A nice addition to your Patterned Concrete® project is accenting the edges with a border either in the same colour or a different colour giving the project a finished edge. We suggest it only on wide areas including driveways and patios.

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