Section 1.0 - SCOPE OF WORK:

1.1 All coloured and textured work shall be performed with special molded tools to resemble the chosen pattern indicated in the specifications.

1.2 The contractor shall follow all plans and specifications and provide a price for labour, preparation of subgrade, materials including concrete, colour, imprinting tools, release agents, and sealers.

1.3 All materials to be used in price shall be outlined on a formal Tech-Data sheet for future information.

1.4 The contractor must be licensed by Patterned Concrete® Industries Ontario Agent - Patterned Concrete® Ontario Inc., 249 Supertest Road, North York, Ontario M3J 2M4 - Contact: Mr. Joseph Guida at (416) 661-3007.

1.5 Samples shall be provided for approval to the owner as well as references of past installations which are comparable to the project in question, in terms of size, scope of work, and complexity.

Section 2.0 - GUARANTEE:

2.1 The contractor is to provide a written warranty (included on Patterned Concrete® Niagara contract), agreeing to maintain their work for a period of one (1) year from acceptance of the installation for spalling, scaling, and colour delamination. Sealer breakdown is not covered under this warranty. This warranty applies to the concrete colouring and concrete itself, not material applied on top.

Section 3.0 - SUBGRADE:

3.1 All fill material exceeding the initial 12" must be granular "B" material with proper gradation to meet onsite specifications.

3.2 All material must be compacted in lifts not exceeding 6" with a proper vibratory compactor.

3.3 All fill material from finish grade up to 12" must be 3/4" crusher run or granular "A" material.

3.4 All graduations must meet onsite specifications.

3.5 All material must be compacted in lifts not exceeding 6" with a proper vibratory compactor.

Section 4.0 - CONCRETE:

4.1 Concrete used must be designed to have a minimum strength of 32MPA.

4.2 Concrete coarse aggregate shall consist of a blend of 10mm aggregate and 20mm aggregate as per Patterned Concrete®'s design mix.

4.3 All mixing water shall be fresh, clean, and potable.

4.4 Air-entrainment agents are to be used although percentages shall not exceed 10% nor be less than 6%. Each load must be tested by the contractor or a qualified testing company for air content in order to adjust or reject any concrete prior to pouring.

4.5 Concrete slump shall not exceed 4" without the use of high range water reducers.

4.6 Bleed water shall not be permitted on freshly struck concrete.

4.7 Concrete shall not be placed if concrete temperatures exceed 30°C.

4.8 No poly shall be used as a vapor barrier on the underside of the slab nor should any plastic be placed on freshly struck concrete.

4.9 Concrete thickness shall be a minimum of 4" on sidewalks and a minimum of 5" on driving areas.

Section 5.0 - REINFORCEMENT:

5.1 Due to adverse effects, Nurlon Synthetic Fibers are no longer used by Patterned Concrete® Niagara. For reinforcement, rebar is used on ALL applications, see section 5.2 for details.

5.2 Reinforcement of 10mm rebar to be placed in all concrete applications.

Section 6.0 - COLOUR:

6.1 Colour Hardener: The ready to use dry-shake colour hardeners shall be Lithochrome coloured hardener.

6.2 Integral Colour: Colour admixture consisting of coloured pigments, water reducers, superplasticizer, and disbursement agents are to be used.

6.3 Lithochrome/Chromix: The use of Chromix Admixture and Lithochrome coloured hardener is ideal in areas which may be subjected to high wear and tear and harsh abuse (only available in certain colours - special request).

Section 7.0 - RELEASE AGENT:

7.1 Patterned Concrete® Colour Release Agent to be used.

7.2 Contractor must have experience with coloured release agents.

Section 8.0 - SEALER:

8.1 Patterned Concrete® solvent or water based sealer to be used. No warranty on life span or sealer.

NOTE: These are minimum requirements for Patterned Concrete®. Patterned Concrete® Niagara supplies materials meeting or exceeding these requirements.

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