The Benefits of Choosing Patterned Concrete® Niagara

Cutting Concrete

Concrete must be cut to control unnecessary cracking. As concrete dries moisture is released causing the molecular structure of the concrete to shrink. The saw cut creates a weakness point which relieves the stresses built up due to shrinkage. The 10mm rebar will allow very little movement as the concrete cures and settles, it also contributes to future strength and stability.



Saw cuts allow for movement that may occur beneath the concrete due to temperature changes and climate conditions.



Benefits of Cutting Concrete

Cutting concrete allows it to expand and contract due to temperature change, move up and down due to frost action, and be poured in large panels thus eliminating point load settlement. It also increases surface runoff.

Example: Below you will see a comparison between concrete and pavers/interlocking brick.



Unit Pavers


As water penetrates the subgrade of your concrete unit pavers, it can become saturated and soft. Winter brings temperatures that freeze moist ground and cause heaving. As a result gaps in bricks get larger allowing more water into the subgrade, restarting the cycle.

Benefits of a Patterned Concrete® Franchise

For your next concrete project, turn to Patterned Concrete®. Our contractors are experienced and professional, understanding and satisfy your specific concrete needs. Constantly participating in on-going training and support year after year, our contractors bring you the latest not only in concrete products, but in technique. When you hire Patterned Concrete®, you are sure to get qualified, fully licensed contractors in the concrete field and high quality, durable architectural finishes.

Benefits chart

A Long-Term Complete Installation

1. Sealer (with Shark Grip anti-slip)

2. Colour hardener

3. 10mm rebar

4. 32MPA concrete

5. Concrete – 4” minimum depth

6. ¾” Crusher run – 12” minimum depth (driveways)

7. All professionally designed and installed by an experienced, licensed contractor


*Please review our specifications for further detail on the standards we follow when working on your concrete projects.

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