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Patterned Concrete®’s History

For over 30 years, Patterned Concrete® has dominated the field of architectural concrete finishes. Since its establishment in 1972, Patterned Concrete® Industries Inc., based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has created a worldwide organization of professionally trained and licensed contractors. These highly skilled licensees have shared their knowledge and experience to assist each other in engineering only the highest quality architectural concrete finishes.

Staying Up-to-Date on the Latest in Concrete

Patterned Concrete® pours, colours, and imprints concrete to rigid specifications under strict aesthetic quality control. This dedication to quality has enabled Patterned Concrete® licensees worldwide to excel in the architectural concrete industry winning awards of excellence for both commercial and residential projects. Ongoing research and development in this field is what helps keep Patterned Concrete® a worldwide leader.

Patterned Concrete® Niagara’s Contribution

As a professionally trained Patterned Concrete® licensee, Patterned Concrete® Niagara is very proud to have been providing excellence in the field of architectural concrete finishes since 1990. With the cooperation of Patterned Concrete® Niagara Industries Inc., its licensees and all approved suppliers, Patterned Concrete® Niagara has carefully assessed all materials and procedures utilized thereby successfully fine-tuning the product to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. Patterned Concrete® Niagara has earned a reputation in the industry for producing some of the most fascinating Patterned Concrete® installations

Patterned Concrete® Niagara looks forward to continuing its renowned reputation and success in the field of architectural concrete finishes for many years to come.

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Our Mission

Patterned Concrete® Niagara believes that quality control, customer service, and employee dedication are very important requirements to achieve the highest standards of architectural concrete finishes.

Our company mission is to remain motivated in the field of architectural concrete finishes and to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met on a day-to-day basis. It is our goal to educate the industry on the beauty and durability that can be achieved by using architectural concrete finishes.

This education begins with our employees ensuring that each and every installation is fully engineered and all design capabilities are exhausted to accomplish the desirable outcome. All on-site employees are to be dedicated in producing a quality end product that is second to none.

Complete customer service is to be an essential role in our day-to-day business to guarantee total satisfaction before, during and after the actual installation.

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